New Inspection Video by my 10 year old son

Some may recall 2 years ago my then 8-year-old son made me a funny video using legos.

He’s been teaching himself video editing and video effects. Today he made me a new video, where he played all the parts and did the video editing and special effects himself.



Very cool, Ian! Kudos to the kids! :star_struck:

That’s awesome! Your son done a great job! :grinning:

Awesome! Great special effects! The next Frank Capra or Alfred Hitchcock!

That was awesome, very talented young man and love the special effects. What would he charge for doing one for me?

This is great!

Very funny and very good.

Reminds me of the video YOU made many moons ago. Great job!

Very Good!

Yes, he wanted to work in a homage to that video.

Yup, that’s the one. Great video!!

Awesome, I like both of the videos.

Ian, tell your son kudos, for sure, as that 10 likes may be a record on our forum.

JJ will clarify for us. LOL

Great Job, and better than I could have done! :smile:

It’s better than I could have done!

I know how to do basic video editing, but I have no idea how he did all the video special effects!

Very good job by your son, you should be proud dad!

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