New Inspector first year revenue expectations what this best lead generating routes?.?

What can a new Inspector realistically expect to make in there first year in business? Besides realtors what is the best lead generating you can do ? Not expecting to get filthy rich my first year in I have realistic expectations. I would imagine the first 2 years are pretty tough getting started.

That depends hugely on your market, competition, and drive. And in my experience, realtors are the only reliable source of jobs. I’ve tried Yelp ads, Bing ads, and Google ads. All took my money and lead to almost nothing. I also work in a saturated market though. Many inspectors.

Stay away from Home Advisor.


I hear ya on Home advisor it sux used it before in my previous business. All the above mentioned as well very low turnout on investment. I think most of those things you mentioned just pay it lip service. So I’m on a shoestring budget got all my tool needed basics ladder , Pouch moisture meter , GFCI detector , insulated screwdriver Ir thermometer , flashlight ,DJI Mavic Mini drone for roofs . I’m looking at just basic cardstock flyers to go and give to realtors maybe with some promos for multiple inspections. Honestly my first year just to get it going I would be happy with 30k to 40k . With hopes of financial growth word of mouth.

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I agree with what you are saying my friend. Problem is low finances getting started I’m going to have to rely on the snowball effect. Once financials are consistent then I will get into the gee whiz stuff. Web page is on my priority list just not at first bare bones basics.

This is basically what happened for me. I initially relied on shotgunning emails to every agent in my area that I could find an email address for (it was thousands). 95% of them ignored me, as expected. Occasionally you’ll get lucky and one of those agents will be in need.

Office visits can be a waste of time unless you know when agents will be there. Many offices are largely empty aside from one large meeting every week. Could be different where you are.

I’d recommend doing some mock inspections. Develop a sample report and fine tune it. Make it look as good as possible and provide it to agents to show the detail you put in. Might be difficult initially, but it helps to have a product they can see.

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Join InterNACHI first.

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Soon I just completed ICA school online . I think they help you get a trial membership with you guys. Other than that if it’s billable it will have to wait a minute.

It sux wish I had more capital to throw at this. I’m actually really good with marketing a small biz .

Keep an eye on your email, ICA will send your InterNACHI membership info through email soon(if not there waiting)!

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Visit realtor offices and ask permission to display your business cards/rack cards. Give a presentation to realtors at a luncheon. Participate in the realtor award ceremonies and buy a table to promote your inspection business. Join the realtor boards and attend the functions where you can BS with the realtors during off hours. Just a few ideas that have helped me.