New Inspector, Getting Into Client Houses

I feel like it’s a very simple question but I haven’t found it covered anywhere in my education and I am not getting responses from local inspectors.

The question is: After receiving a call from a potential client about inspecting a home, what is the process for setting up an appointment with the home owners.

I assume you call the listing agent and tell them your desired time frame and date but I want to be 100% clear and would like any tips if possible.

Just recently became certified and have been continuing education online and by inspecting friends and family members houses in my spare time.

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It’s been my experience that the client or their agent will coordinate with the seller’s agent.

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I like your thinking! Thanks for the responses. I’m surprised it wasn’t brought up more in the courses. But, this is why I’m continuing to take courses and learn from other inspectors before I truly take the plunge.

Wow! Who needs the key code to get into the lock box when you have this wonderful tool! LOL!!

Shane, you actually have a great question. You should establish and maintain a good relationship with your clients’ agents, wether they be the buyer or seller agent. Staying in communication with the realtor will allow you ask the right questions and get the information you need. Even though the realtor is normally not my client, I depend on that agent for referrals. So, I keep them in the loop. A few days after the inspection, I contact my client’s agent and thank her/him for the referral and make myself available with any questions. I also communicate with the other agent (usually the sellar’s agent) to offer my services to them for the future. Start building a database of all the realtors in your market area. You are right. Public relations is not a topic talked about much in our training classes, but should be.

The exact answer varies from state to state, or region to region.

If you’re in an area where the local Real Estate board allows inspectors to have a Supra, you get a Suprea and let yourself in.

If you’re in an area where the local board only lets licensed agents have Supra access, then it’s up to the buyer’s agent to let you in or make arrangements

A few states/areas require the buyer’s agent to be present.