New inspector in Ohio

Hi all. I’m a recently certified Ohio inspector. While I wait for the state to process my application for the license I am trying to get my business setup. Logos, business cards, website, etc.

Can anyone share with me their pricing structure? I would like to stay with the market so I’m not undercutting, or over charging.

Hello Patrick. I am also in Ohio
You can pull up some of the other Ohio Inspectors web sites and see what they are charging. Some list prices, I do not.
Personally, what I do is to first estimate how much time the inspection will take. I utilize the square footage, type of house, age of the house, basement etc. I get some information from the client and the remainder is easily available on the internet once you have the address.
I never give a price over the phone. I get the address and tell the client that I will call back within the hour with a detailed quotation.
I have an established hourly rate that I use and I also include the time to write the report.
Others have set prices and there is nothing wrong with that, but IMO to inspect a 3000 square foot house that is 3 years old will not take the same amount of time it takes to inspect a 3000 square foot that is 60 years old.
Since you are starting, ask some of the realtors in your area the going rate and see what others are charging from their web sites. Once you have a few dozen inspections under your belt you will have a better idea of the time it takes. Then you can establish your own rates.
Best of luck with your business!


Welcome Patrick! Jump in and enjoy the forum…:smile:

I’m retired so I can’t help with pricing except to say: Call around and ask what other inspectors are charging in your area.

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Welcome Patrick …like Joseph I don’t have set sq. ft. pricing for the reasons He mentioned.

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Anne Petit said at the last board meeting to make sure that your paperwork is correctly filled out. A call to the Division to verify this may be a good idea.

Don’t be afraid to call.

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