New Inspector in Southwestern PA

Hello, everyone! Im a newbie. First time posting on here, new inspector just trying to get up & running. Ive only been “officially” open for business for a few days, so obviously I wasnt expecting business to just fall into my lap. I have alot of work to do! Can anyone offer some valuable insight? What has been some of your most important marketing strategies? I know a few realtors Im reaching out to, & obviously i need to make friends with alot more I dont know. Im gonna hit some open houses this weekend, Realtors are tricky, any advise on how to win them over? Also, as is obvious, Im a female, would love to hear from other female inspectors about your experiences, what challenges/advantages does being a female inspector present?

Know what you are talking about or say that you may be able to find out, depending on what it is. Then come here to the forum or see Google to get any answer that will have credibility.

Oh! And welcome Julie!

Jump in to the forum and there are no stupid questions.

The very best to you…:smile:

Thank you! Appreciate the advice! Being new will have challenges, Im afraid people will be reluctant to use me because of my lack of experience.

They don’t know how long you’ve been doing inspections.

If you get frustrated, just tell the clients that you need a water/coffee break and go out to your vehicle and relax…maybe look something up on Google.

I used to take a clipboard and pad of paper and a pen and tape measure for them to use. You run the show and say something like this is my routine and I do it this way (from left to right through the house, for instance.) so I do my best not to miss anything.

If you have any questions, and I’m not around, write them down and we will go over them after my review at the end the the inspection.

You’ll do fine. Everyone is nervous on their first few inspections until the get the hang of controlling the people and flow of inspections.

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