New inspector insurance with LLC

Will general liability and errors & omission insurance in my name be sufficient? Will my LLC need separate policies?

It should be in your company’s name, so should everything else, the contracts, everything. You only act and sign as an authorized agent of the company.

Mississippi Real Estate Commission requires that
The individual Home Inspector’s name must be on the Certificate of Liability; not the
name of any company with whom the Home Inspector may be employed.
I passed the NHIE yesterday. Thank you for your reply, I agree. I want layers of protection.
MRECHowtobecomeaHomeInspector_003.pdf (175.8 KB)

That’s different, they want your name to be listed as insured to ensure you’re covered (so that the underwriter could not deny coverage). What I’m saying, besides what the state wants, have everything in the company’s name and then you can be listed as insured or authorized agent/inspector/employe or whatever. The idea is to separate business from your personal doings/assets.


Thanks Simon!
I’m waiting on some market prices for my risk. Our household/life company cannot write new startups. Thanks.