New inspector looking for experience

Hi there. I am a new inspector and am looking to get working experience. Does anyone know of someone who is hiring part-time or know of any one who is? I am located in Brooklyn, NY.

Best regards,
Joey K.

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Are we long lost brothers?!

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Did you always live in Brooklyn? Ever live near Philly?

No…I love Philly but never close by.

If you where in Montreal, I would get you working after first shadowing me and reading the report you create.
If you care to give me a call I would try to help your situation.

Anyone in my Montreal can call if you need work.

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Hi, Best of luck as a home inspector. I was born in Red Hook Brooklyn. What part are you in?

Hello Peter,
Red Hook - nice. I am from Marine Park. Not far from Canarsie.


Anyother new inspector. Wants a Ride Along let me know. I have one right now I should be finished with him next week.
I’m in North Florida near Gainesville.


Hello Robert,
Thanks for your reply. Sure. We could definitely communicate…Appreciate any guidance


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Ow wow! A long lost cousin perhaps.

My father is from the Canarsie area. Born in the Bronx, lived in Flatbush for years and then Staten Island. My wife’s mothers side is from Brooklyn.
Maybe we are distant cousins!

Lets talk this week.
I will sniff around to see who is in your area.

It is definitely a possibility. Are you Jewish?

Used to practice in my kid years and into my teens but it’s been a long time since I’ve stepped foot in a temple.

Cool. Its never too late. Rosh hashana is just a week away. I have a childhood friend who also moved to Alaska. He loves it! It’s a rugged environment for sure. Were you young when you moved there?

Hi Robert,
Sure. We can talk today anytime before 6PM or whenever other day works well for you. You could reach me at 347-994-7771.


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I went to Wm. E. Grady High School…you?

Went to James Madison but grew up very close to Grady.

Sorry for the late reply, Joseph. Tied down with legal family affairs. I think I squeezed in 2 inspections the last two weeks. Really busy buddy.
I jaunted down your number. I will try to call once I lift my head from all this paper work.
Best regards.
Robert Young
PS: Here’s my number/s.

Good morning Robert,

No worries. Life gets busy at times for sure. Thanks for your number. Sure, call whenever is good for you. Enjoy your Sunday.



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