New inspector looking for startup advice

Getting set up to start in the field and am looking for any startup advice concerning what a new inspector should offer, and tools I should have for first day on the job? Also looking for advice on any specific contracts I should have ready. Thanks…

Welcome Jeff and good luck with getting your business started!

A lot of threads are getting buried so it may take time to get a response sometimes. There are many threads covering this same topic and you can use the “Search” option at the top of the page using the same wording in your thread title. Hopefully you’ll pull up some recent threads covering your same questions. Good Luck!!


This thread has a bunch of good links in it for you…

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(Yes, I know this is an older thread)…

IMO, here’s the bottom line…

A NEW inspector should only be focusing on Home Inspections. Period!
Once you have those mastered, (minimum one year for average business), then you can consider expanding into what you have discovered your local market is asking for.

First days tools? Typically half of what you likely think you need. And don’t go on a shopping spree wasting your “working capitol” on fancy tools and gimmicks, as that will be the primary reason you wind up going out of business!

The two following pics are what I carry on my person for most all inspections. Nothing else!
Yes, I have a truck full of other tools, some specialty, but those are rarely used on a “normal” property.


Simple. The InterNACHI Inspection Agreement is a good basic start for what you need. Once you get a better grasp of what you are doing, you need to sit down with your Attorney and draft or modify the InterNACHI Agreement to suit your needs AND your State circumstances!!

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You forgot the photo of the Glock! :grinning:

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No photo. I don’t advertise my “Specialty” tools!! :wink:

Once I ‘clear’ a property, I don’t typically carry what I don’t anticipate needing.
Remember… I don’t operate in CA , IL, WA, or NY.
(Unfortunately, MN has become worse than any of the others)!!


What about a ladder?

What about THEM?

How many threads are you gonna CONTAMINATE over your obsession is not purchasing or using ladders??


I was just wondering what type of ladder you use. You showed pics of everything you need besides a ladder.

@jjonas JJ, what are the 2 items marked with red ink?

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The one on the left is similar to this (mine no longer available)… EMI Quick-Pik 6" Shove Knife | TheFireStore

The one on the right is for grabbing the sump float in nasty pit water!!..

And… you didn’t ask, but… Red handle on far right…

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I use all types of ladders. Step… Extension… Articulating…!



And he didn’t show the rest of his measuring tools… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

But I agree, that 80" folder is nice!


I found it works better than a tape for egress windows and staircase headroom.
A heck of a lot easier to take a ‘good’ photo of things for documentation, and it isn’t heavy adding weight to the tool belt.

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