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Good evening My name is Doug Carnegie and I am a relatively new home inspector in Naples FL. I am looking for any advice about how to get started marketing my services. I know there is a huge demand in my market and I’m not doing something right. Any insight from successful inspectors about how they first started to get their phone to ring would be very much appreciated.

Welcome to our forum, Doug!

Look through and read the marketing thread.

Best of luck! :smile:

10 years ago when I started I went to open houses, when the Realtor wasn’t occupied with a potential client I would introduce myself and provide a package of info about me and my company. Some will tell you to pound sand, don’t take it personally and head to the next one.

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If you are going to market to agents, you need to make life easier for them.

Like Randy said, hit the open houses BUT bring a goody bad e.g. bottle of water, granola bar, some hard candy and , etc. and put your flyer and some cards in the bag to go along with it.

Just tell them that it is for them and DON"T simply talk about you and your company…be personable. :smile:


P.S. I never marketed to agents. I used SEO and my name and quality spread.

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