New Inspector,needs advice

Hey guys,got a call for a roof inspection,4 story building, hip roof, trusses. Building dimensions approx. 250 ft. X 100 ft.There is roof access.The question is how much would you charge for this inspection.

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How do you intend to access the roof?

what kind of building? open ware house space? office space? all single phase elec? I cant seem to get .10 / sq ft here. the .10/ ft is my baseline to try to get but I always get negotiated off my price or I dont get the job. I just did a 12k sq ft building today and I was there 5 hours. My reports generally take about the same time as me on site.

as much as I can get.

The OP is asking about a ROOF ONLY inspection.** 4 story**.

Most important piece of info needed… HOW will you gain access to the roof???

Also… Do you have the necessary SAFETY DEVICES to perform the inspection?

Perhaps this is better left to experienced companies, such as commercial roofing companies.

PS… if this ‘job’ is a “field services” job, pass on it as you will only be paid 20-40% of what the true fee should be!

Says there’s access. How/where?
I’ve got on top before. There was top floor storage room with a metal ladder attached to the wall.
They had to give me the padlock key to open a hatch.

My bad. Corrected. Thanks.

There is a roof hatch. It is a 16 unit apt. building. Here’s the kicker,I show up look around and he says “How much” ?. i had an earlier quote of $ 100.00 yes One Hundred. I told him thanks and to call the guy back.