New Inspector Passes TREC Exam

Please join me in congratulating InterNACHI member Gabriel McKenna,
who has passed the state exam of the Texas Real Estate Commission
and completed the education hours, plus 50 onsite inspections, to advance
to the 2nd phase in the home inspector process. He did so well on the state
exam, he has decided to move into the accelerated program and will
become a Professional Inspector very soon. Gabriel is 21 years old and
has worked in construction with his father from his youth, and builds boat
houses on the side.

Congrats Gabriel! 21 years old. Wow!

Thanks Nick. InterNACHI has really been a big help to me.

Good job Gabriel…do us proud…get those remaining course hours done and get the “Professional” rating.


Nice Job Gabriel keep up the good work

Congratulations Gabriel!

Whose ya daddy, Gabriel!


:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Gabriel is my son and he can beat me in arm wrestling, even though
I am not willing to let him do it.

Congrats!!! Keep it up

Good Job G