New Inspector Transition

Unsure, having come from a non-construction related background, I am wondering if I will be fully ready to inspect when I finish my schooling through InterNACHI. I know that theory and experience are two different animals so I am wondering if there some intermediate steps that can be taken to EASE into the profession. Or just dive in and let the chips fall where they may?

Shadow someone, write the report and have them critic it, many times over. Welcome aboard:D

After schooling, you should be doing as many mock inspections as you can possibly do. 20+

Perhaps a dumb question but how do you do a mock inspection? Who let’s you inspect their house if they don’t require it?

First step if you haven’t done a home inspection before is to shadow an inspector for a while. Every home inspector has their own rhythm or pattern and once you get a basic idea you can make your own. Once you have that you should ask your friends, family, neighbors ect to do some mock inspections. This will help get your rhythm down so you don’t look lost on your first inspection. Also the InterNACHI forum is great to help you learn how to word things in your report.

Your mom, friends, neighbours, realtors