new inspector

True, I do not consider him a friend by any means.

Jeff is correct in almost everything he said.

Just be careful you do not ignore the wind mitigation and four point in Florida either, they can easily make or break a Home Inspector in Florida.

For the record, wind mitigation in Florida is about insurance discounts not construction techniques. Something anyone paying for homeowner’s insurance in Florida understands very quickly and nobody else in the world understands.

See me at the meeting this weekend and I will tell you more why Jeff is correct and incorrect.

John are you gonna hook everyone up who attends the meeting with the new form. That would be awesome.

Cool thanks John :mrgreen:

Most of the members of this forum spend more time ******** each other like girls than working on their business, i have been off from this forum for a while because all you see here is inspectors disrespecting others inspector. so good luck with your new business…

Are you saying none of us have helped you ?

I understand what you mean . but i’m here for the ones the are willing to help me and dose make up for the ones the don’t . after all ill work my way to be able to help someone as a home inspector one day .Because is better to help then be the one that needs help.

I like this guy already. :smiley:

John is right. The insurance inspections are a very important part of an inspectors business here in Florida. Learn as much as you can about them and do them well. It will help grow your regular home inspection business. If you ignore these your competition will get all the business and you will sit home.

My suggestion for him to not focus on WM & INS. inspections at this time is that he is building a new business, and Home Inspections need to be his “FOUNDATION”, not the other inspections. An example would be “The Meeker”. He will never be a viable home inspector, because by his own admission on this MB, his focus is on Wind Mits. He claims to perform few HI’s, and prefers the “no report writing” easy inspections.

So, yes, learn all you can about wind mits and 4 points, just don’t get distracted by them.

Did one today fool. 2/2 condo $350. I don not do them often because people are cheap and are not often willing to pay my fee. It is a whole lot of work for very little money if you are competitively priced.

You make that kind of money on Hi’s?

I prefer wind mits to standard home inspections.

Could have saved the client some money with my home inspection alternative :slight_smile:

thanks guys

Understood and I agree completely. I just didnt want him to think they are not very important to the florida inspector. I love inspectors in our area that dont do them, we get a lot of businees because of those guys.

These days they must go hand in hand. If not you will loose the client, which means no future business.

Funny how people talk about “Florida” as if the bastard child and yet it seems to be the only region in the US that has a ton of meetings, a ton of educational classes and apparently people who help others even at the risk of losing some of their business…

Proud of the area and it’s inspectors and our organization. Newer chapter and already have a ton of ACTIVE members…

Inspectors helping inspectors…love it!

\:D/ Proud Floridian Here!

I agree with John’s comment regarding losing business when you limit yourself and the fact they go hand in hand.

I also agree with much of what Jeff mentioned as well. A foundation needs to be built before someone starts branching out too quickly.

Looking forward to the meeting this weekend and meeting fellow inspectors from around the State.



Maybe that is because over 25% of NACHI is from Florida.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm :slight_smile:

It’s all about attitudes!

Interesting thread…