New Inspector

I have just passed my license exam, and am in the process if getting the ball rolling on my business. I was wondering if anyone within 1hr or so of Chattanooga Tn. would let me shadow them for an inspection? I feel it would help me alot to see an experienced inspector and how they handle things. I went through school,but the field inspections we did were not enough for me. We did the inspections as a group and I have never seen one done from start to finish just following watching and learning. Thanks

Welcome Matt.

Go to your control panel and edit your profile to include your location information in your post headers.

It will help you get better and faster answers.

Enjoy this crazy place. has some stuff for you.

Thanks Nick, these videos are great.

More coming. I’m shooting some this weekend.

Welcome… just curious… what is your reasoning for requesting “…within one hour of…”?