New Inspetor

Hello, I am a new inspector in Indiana. Any advise on gaining work? Do most new guys work for someone else? Thank you …

No not in my neck of the woods. Welcome. What is you experience that made you decide to become a home inspector?

There are at this point 5 main franchises that we all work for.

There is the Elliott group which is the biggest and best so worth the higher franchise fee.

The others are on record and are run buy some of the regular posters here.
Perhaps they will pop up here and describe their multi inspector theories and how to join .

The small independents may do about 3% at best.

They will be along as well.

I work for the Elliot group and in my first year made about $470,000. All he asked for was a mere $50,000 up front and 86% of my income.

Great company and good people.


Welcome Ralph,
Don’t let these guys bs ruffle your feathers.
What you will get from these boards is a lot of useful information. If you grow a thick skin and come back regularly you will learn far more than you ever learned in inspection school. I have been hanging out here for years and learn something new every day.
Bob is in Chicago, he is like the InterNACHI mafia and has an Uncle Guido on every street corner.
Russel is in South Florida and the homes he inspects are… well I will let you figure that one out because he drags a port-a- potty around with him.
I live in Central Florida and I tend to piss everyone off.
So, as you can see we are a bunch of good natured, fun loving folk who gladly help one another and rag on each other at the same time.
I also happen to be the only White, Jewish, African American, Christian on the boards.

Now if only the other two bosses…eh owners ,would come here.

Nobody running in my outfit…eh franchise operation has ever complained as far as you know.
My Chief officer Russ has every contact and route set up for you.
Just make sure to follow the map and be there on time,leave the back of the truck open ,go do the job and “don’t worry about notin.”

You have joined an elite group and “trust me” stay here long enough and we will make you a wise guy…eh man who knows his stuff.

All I know is the my boss Bob has me go to bodegas and get brown envelopes. Many people respect him.

He has a buddy named lungi and he must make a lot of bread because bob has me deliver 4 kilos of flour to him weekly. It’s a very special flour Bob tells me.

Like $42,000 a kilo. Something about it being pure. I know the bread is delicious but I think that’s a little high priced for flour.

As I said before. Only $50k to start and a mere 86% of the profit and BOOM your in business.

You do have a gun with the serial numbers scratched off, right?

Hey that flour is special from Italy “Cosa Nostra” brand from an old family.
My associates crank it out and pack it.
My crew pays the tax and pays tribute to the outfit but are never shy about pinching as the get their points.

Now stay a good shylock…eh vice president and teach this rook about the waste management business.

A. Look professional. Image is key.

B. Gain the tools ensure you understand how a house works.

C. Market Market Market.

D. If you market heavy and appear professional right off the bat you will do well alot quicker than most.

Any questions call me. There is a ton of information here, use the search button you will see all kinds of threads about getting started.

Ralph… Billy is one of those others I told you about.

Yep, me too, I operate in Arizona…Condos R-Us…aka Elliott Group, Ink.

I plan on talking to Condo Bob about allowing me to keep 17.5% of my income, I think he’s a little greedy to, like Russ mentioned.

Hey if it an’t da Duffy aka"Ice cream suit" hows it hanging boss.
Listen up wise guy I eat alone and you betta not make me clip youse.
Da points are there and youse betta not make me look through de eye.

I not gonna go spring clean for nobody.

Yo Bobby, if The duffmeister has an unfortunate accident I am willing to take over his area and keep the points the same while increasing distribution…ummm I mean “inspections”.

Hey Boss ,you send the message or get Dale in the program and pack the flour the distribution of jobs is golden age eh.

Now go collect the juice …eh inspections.

I took a 3 day course offered by the Elliot Group which I recommend. The course was “How to Build One of the World’s Biggest, Best Trade Associations.” At the time I took the course, I didn’t know what I was doing. The textbook the Elliot Group provided with the course laid everything out in simple language that I could understand. I still refer to that book whenever I can’t figure out the right thing to do.

No problem you one of the family now.
The books are there for da cookin so just watch out for R.I.C.O.
Maybe youse should do the shakedown here…eh explain the association.

“Trade association”. “Non-profit”. Gotta love America…

If you ever need help but are afraid to ask just ask Billy he has already asked it and has the thick skin to prove it. If you ever decide to add anything technical be sure to check with Big Bob E first. If for some reason you do not follow his suggestions, NEVER tell him. He will have you whacked. If you get really stuck about something, non technical you should search for the Oracle of Endza somewhere in Colorado.

And if you can’t get a hold of anybody, you call always call Bonnie and Clyde (aka John and Michelle Shishalla). Although not in the same " sector" as the Chief Officer Russ, I hear they collect a pretty decent amount of brown envelops and organize some of the best CE to teach others how to make some of that good bread… I think they might own the 4 other main franchises!