New Inspetor

I hear the duff-anator is now focused more on da commercials, Russell the raven is now driving a bus and Bob Elliot’s brother Bill retired from the racing circuit and is now running that flower cross the boarder to the cans…as for Billy well he is writing a book titled…“one more question” one mans quest to surpass Columbos’ record . So its a good time to get into the biz. Maybe you will aspire to follow in the steps of one of the three HI gurus who controlled the market for yesrs and was able to find these awesome retirement gigs… Gotta love success!!

I resemble the fact that Bib Bob is having his little show in Shy town I guess my 2 brothers Vinnie and Deweto that handle my light work will have to travel north to handle it for me. Just remember Oklahoma is Shaped like a meat cleaver for a reason;-)

I’m confused and concerned in reading this thread.

It would seem I’m not with the Elliot group… and my livelihood may be in serious jeopardy.

Bob/Dale/Russ (not sure who is HR dept there),

Can I come on board? Help…?

Thanks in advance.

do everything the membership requires and then some make friends in the business ie other inspectors and learn as much as you can from older inspectors keep in good with realtor brokers and agents and donot ever put anyone down ever. try to find a local internachi chapter to join.
Good Luck and happy days ! M.Jacobs CEO/CPI Hi Point home Inspection LLC
Bellefontaine,Ohio Above all BELIVE IN YOURSELF ! You are part of the best Inspectors in THE WORLD !:cool: