New install

New home that would follow the 2005 NEC.

The panel looked to be professional installed.


I know that the grounds & nuetrals need seperation at the subs. I thought I read somewhere on this board that in new installs that the grounds & nuetrals should be sepertaed at the main. Is this true or is it OK.

Also the rebar at the floor. Is this a UFER ground? Builder states it is required and for the water meter if needed.


86706 Garfield 015 (Small).jpg

86706 Garfield 014 (Small).jpg

86706 Garfield 017 (Small).jpg

Neutrals and grounds can share the same bus in the main panel. Each wire appears to have its own lug, which is correct. There are 2 neutral/ground busses connected by a bus bar, and they presumably are bonded to the panel box, though that is not explicitly clear in the photos. They only thing that looks bad is the ground lead to the water pipe lying on the floor; and is that it coiled in the air also? If so, that’s very bad.

Hey David, hows tricks?

If that panel containd the main disconnect then it is just fine, if the main is elsewhere it would be wrong.

As to the grounding, in new construction the water main cannot be the only ground so I am guessing that the exposed rebar was designed to also be a grounding means and should have a GEC attached to it.