New InterNACHI Chapter in Sudan using NACHI.TV to educate country's first inspectors.

An InterNACHI Chapter in Southern Sudan has been formed and will be using technology donated by NACHI.TV to educate the country’s first home and building inspectors.

2 decades of civil war have claimed 1.5 million lives and produced the world’s worst illiteracy rate (about 55% of the country is illiterate). About 2.5 million children have yet to receive any basic education at all. An entire generation has a very weak grasp of the written word and will have to rely heavily on video (not books) to catch up.

Online video, well… actually the whole internet, was created during this war and they are just finding out about it all now. The Sudan Chapter of InterNACHI with help from NACHI.TV will begin using online video for educating and training a new industry in Sudan… the inspection industry.

InterNACHI and NACHI.TV are pleased to be a part of helping this new profession in Southern Sudan.