New InterNACHI Pool Course Contains California Pool Safety Information

The new InterNACHI How to Inspect Swimming Pools Video Course contains information on the new California regulations regarding pool safety.

Check out the course landing page to see where in the course the 7 California Safety Features are listed.


A much better class than the old class.

A few notes:

In quiz 1, it asks about the “heart” of the system, but that is addressed in video 2. So anyone taking the class would not have learned the answer yet in quiz 1.

In video 2, some of the comments are region specific (the videos are filmed in Florida). I do see a note was added about the filter being bolted applies to hurricanes prone areas. Bolting of pool equipment is not something you see in California often.

Also he comments about cartridge filters being the most common and DE filters being rare, but in my area, its the other way around.

Quiz 4 puts a lot of emphasis on ladders but ladders are pretty rare in my area on residential pools. However, I see no mention of why, i.e. egress from the deep end. Egress from the deep end can be a ladder, but can also be stairs, or a step. An actual ladder is not required on private residential pools, but egress from the deep end should still be present for safety.

Also pool heaters are barely mentioned. Only an electric one is shown. No examples of gas heaters, and no mention of solar heating systems. I never see electric heaters, but gas heaters are common, as are solar heating systems.

To anyone reading: Here is why one should always inspect a solar pool heating system BEFROE turning it on. The pipes have become disconnected. Turning on the system would have sent a flood of pool water onto the roof.

Thank you Ian.

Thanks, Ian. The course contains CA pool info. It’s not a California pool course.

I know it’s not the California pool course.

But it’s also not the Florida pool course, but some of the information is based on what is common in Florida that may not necessarily apply to everywhere else. Granted, I’m nit picking, but still.

And speaking of the California information, yes, text of the law is there, but it could be expanded to what some of that means, as Mike Hazelwood explained in his thread on the subject.

After all, the text from the law “An enclosure that meets the requirements of section 115923 and isolates the swimming pool or spa from the private single-family home.” is unfortunately pretty vague wording from our lawmakers.

Where as the explanation of what it means makes much more sense. As I condensed in my video: