New InterNACHI trade show banner.

Inspecting the World.


I kinda like this banner.

I like it.

I find people get confused with the nachi banners at homeshows…they think its something to do with a museum or something, just my 2 cents.It would be nice to see something related to home inspections. That being said, i’ll keep using them.

Well, the dinosaur and the space shuttle banner was not really clear to the consumer, it was too much of a thinker, but this banner says NACHI is the future of home inspection.

Like the banner

A little too futuristic for my taste.Does this mean we will be doing shuttle inspections soon Nick? Space station inspections, and safety limitations in weightless environments?
Always future driven your the King.

The space shuttle program is over, so we had to change the banners. Earth is the planet in the background on this banner.

The purpose of a trade show banner is pull foot traffic. Then, once you get someone to your booth (and only then), can you hand them your business card or brochure or talk to them or whatever.

I learned years ago, at a trade show in Denver where 4 of our members each had their own booths with roughly the same information on their tables and each providing the same inspection services. 2 of the members had our banners, the other 2 had their own boring ones with their inspection company names on them. The foot traffic stopping power of our banners was astounding.

Trade show banners have to be eye-catching and though provoking to pull in foot traffic. With all the visual noise at a trade show, you get maybe 1.5 seconds to accomplish this.

Did not mean to tease you Nick.
I understand about trade shows. I have attended several and been in the booths.
I guess I lost sight of the fact that you are in 60 countries now and had my asinine streak up again. I will put it in check from now on I promise.
I am embarrassed and can make myself look like a fool.
Another lesson that is well deserve to remember Sorry Nick will not happen again.

InterNACHI is at so many events:

A banner future driven for technologies that are coming tomorrow.
Residential Thermal heating, and cooling. solar pannel advancement, residential wind.

All the other NON CARBON EMITTING heating and cooling advancements planed. Tied in with what is planed for building the houses of tomorrow. Wood being the biggest driven renewable rescore. It is cheaper and pegged earth rescore friendly. No mining for extraction, refining, and processing and all the shipping in between. New high rises planned 20 plus stories.

Just my view Nick. That is what the future INACHI members will be inspecting.

I really like it , the whole porpose of the banner is too get people too stop and look and ask who / what you are , giving the inepector the chance to make a good impression and help promote all INTERNACHI’S members .
Dennis F. Florida

P.S. Nick I recently went to Kennedy Space center and have some great picture of the shuttle endevour on the launch pad if you interested.