New introduction and WDO exam questions - First post

Hey all,

New here and first post. Bit of background, I first started home inspections in October of 2017 through ASHI training and literally after my second inspection my father unexpectedly passed away. In that time, I felt that I wasn’t in the mindset to operate a business so I took a full time job offer and have been working since.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about and miss the business and I recently decided I’m ready to get back into it and I’m enjoying the wealth of knowledge here at InterNACHI and have been learning a ton from the online certifications offered! I am enrolled in the house of horrors training for Oct 7-11 to get a refresher in before re-launching my company and in the meantime am working on some other services to offer, specifically my state licensing for WDO inspections.

I’m currently prepping for my state’s WDO examinations and licensing (New Mexico). I’ve taken the WDO course offered here at Nachi and I learned a great bit. I’ve now submitted to my state and have been approved for testing.

After looking over the requirements, I need to pass two examinations; Category 7D WDO and the National Pesticide Applicator Core Exam.

According to the study guide for Category 7D, I feel very prepared having taken the online training through Nachi. However, for the National Pesticide Applicator Core Exam, I feel that I need some work.

Anyone have any insights for the exam or does anyone have any advice for prep/learning? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Again, glad to be here and looking forward to hanging around this time. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Maverick.

You may want to go to the licensing authority for your state and check to see if they have any links for applicator training materials. In Texas the agriculture department is the licensing authority and they have links to all the info you need to get your license.