New Investor Site

Simple and to the point. What do you guys think? Any errors? I just finished the site. I am getting back into real estate restoration in addition to being a inspector. If anyone knows of a private lender or desires to be one call me. Trust me you will be shocked how easy it is for anyone to become one and how safe it can be over any other investment and how good it pays in return for your money.

The new site:

Take off the ball cap .

lol I’m getting a new picture made this week. That will disappear shortly. :slight_smile: Thanks Roy.

Use a pretty girl instead …Naw Just Jokin’

lol Roy does the site come out clean on your end? Anything messed up misaligned?

It look great Bro.

Thanks Roy. Anyone else see any problems? 67 views but no responders. Any advice would be great.

Site looks good. I’m doing similar as I bought two last week, quick flips and already have a investor buyer… You are right it is not difficult and the risk factor is very low especially of you use cash .
I must agree on loosing the hat… Looks like your hiding something… Smile!!!

Are the links at the top supposed to work, Billy?

I clicked on all three of them and the page didn’t change.

looks nice, you need a more friendly looking picture though

I noticed the same thing

Sounds like you are becoming a contractor :twisted:
You might lose the love around here. I’ll check the site now, good luck.

Great idea. Top links not working. Please let us know if it is successful

I have considered doing something similar but need CASH to be safe.

If you do not mind sharing how are you determining your pay or profit? If you do not wish to share I understand and still wish you good luck.

Just curious, will you be inspecting these properties before you begin or do anything else?

I personally do not care but am just bring it up for conversations sake.

I think you DEFINITELY should have the right if you hold the proper and required licenses.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

I anxiously can’t wait to see how the folks around here comment on this with their well deserved favorite Son “you” involved :slight_smile:

I bet the comments would be way different if it were I proposing this awesome way to expand your income. :frowning: Sad but true.

I personally think you are a great guy who has served our Country and deserve the right to do anything you are legally allowed to do without be held back by anyone.

I gotta agree, Billy, the hat makes you look like a rapper, yo. :cool:

Nice looking site, and great idea! I’m thinking about doing the same thing-I’ve got the know how and my buddy has the money. Just on the side now, but it sounds like a good business, especially since inspections are slow right now.

BTW, your sentence should be “where else can you make $500 just for sending AN email”…

Good Luck!!

not inspecting for a FEE is perfectly legal.