New iPhone coming soon

Who is excited about it and what do you think it will look like ? I am hoping it looks like a Galaxy Tab.

What’s to get excited about?

It’s another product that is not needed but will be bought by the Apples diehards anyway.:roll:

Speaking of the Galaxy tab and the other 7 inch tablets they are fading out because system is not a real phone and is to large for a pocket.
The apps often are not compatible and searching for wi fi or paying another monthly bill is not needed in today’s economy accepted for you rich guys.:slight_smile:

Remember how exited many of us were when Netbooks came out as it was just a couple ?

Well you mentioned Samsung because they make the Tab and guess what I think they finally got it right.

5.3 inch phone;txt has just been introduced and the only thing stopping it is greed by carriers in the future as this is exactly what many will want.

The thing even comes with a stylus which will remind you of your PDA fetish.:slight_smile:

It’s an Apple Newton all over again. Funny how Apple had it right…right from the beginning 15 years ago but didn’t know it. What a shame they gave up on it back then.

OKay…I rephrase what I want on the new iPhone…I want a 5 inch diagonal screen…with handwriting recognition built in…outdoor screen…durable… and all day battery life…is that asking too much ?

That sounds perfect as long as it gets full internet and can run “any” software along with apps also.
Right now that is asking too much but times are changing fast.
My EVO screen at another inch would be perfect.

It was the first 4G phone and is still at top of the game.

I’d like Flash please…

How about an SD card :wink:

If they didn’t keep “improving” their products every 6 to 12 months how would they make any money from (gullible) consumers?

Android has it .

New Apple iPhone fails to wow investors, fans

I am not really moved to get the new iPhone though the line up of specifications it boasts of is just sick, and I mean sick in a good way.

I would love to update my iPhone 4 to the 4s though contract would hinder me from doing so. Or better yet, I would get a phone free of contract and just sell this one online.

I, including a ton of others, would prefer to get a revamp on how it looks or some defining form that would separate it from the earlier version.