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InfraCAM Basics

This course will introduce you to the FLIR Systems InfraCAM infrared camera with a primary emphasis on the theory and practice of using infrared thermography as a non-invasive industrial diagnostic and reporting tool.
We will discuss the controls of the camera as well as the user interface, and show you how to operate your camera and your report and analysis software. This course also includes lessons on IR thermography, IR science, and heat transfer. All of these subjects are necessary to allow you to properly interpret images.
Please Note: If you do not use an InfraCAM, you are still welcome to take the course but please realize that the button layout and operation will be different from your camera. If you have a B2, BX320, or E series camera from FLIR, you should have received a “TrainIR CD” with your camera which will show you how to use your camera and covers much of the same information as the InfraCAM Basics course.
**Course Highlights - you’ll learn:
**- Expert tips-n-tricks on IR camera operation and report generation

  • Basic science you need to understand thermography
  • Conditions you need for a good survey
  • Basics of thermal image interpretation
    You’ll also see real-world examples of electrical, mechanical, facility maintenance, overall condition monitoring applications, and much more! For InfraCAM users, this class can help you get the most out of your investment.
    Prerequisites: This course is designed for InfraCAM users. No prior knowledge of thermography or the InfraCAM is required.
    Internet Connection: A high speed (cable, DSL, etc.) connection is required to take this course. A dialup connection is too slow.
    Availability: This course is a self paced web based training course available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can begin as soon as you enroll.
    Tuition: FREE (a $120 USD value) for a limited time to introduce this new training method to the IR community.
    Time to Complete: About 2.5 to 3 hours
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