New Kansas agreement now an option in the online inspection agreement system.

Gosh I can’t wait till the Kansas Bill gets up and in full swing. Many of the realtors have already given us the impression that they’re taking this as either a $10,000 repair allowance OR $10,000 warranty from the inspector.

I got another complaint from a customer yesterday.

According to his letter, our report talked about insignificant stuff but missed all kinds of significant issues such as plumbing, electrical and foundation problems. We also charged too much (he could have bought radon and mold test kits and saved himself money).

I looked up his report. It was done 6 months ago in 15 degree weather with snow covering the roof and ground. It was a rough stuff repo with the water and gas off.

The guy told us he was gonna strip it down and rehab it from top to bottom.

  1. With the water off nothing that uses water could be checked in operation. The water heater and gas was red tagged by the utility company. Our report told him this and suggested he get everything checked by a licensed plumber when the water was restored.

  2. We had over 20 electrical defects in the panel, the circuits, etc. Because of this we recommended that he have a licensed electrician evaluate the ENTIRE system and repair or replace defects as needed.

  3. There had been foundation movements and repairs. We had water leaks at the foundation at that time. We noted this and recommended repair or further evaluation by a foundation contractor.

He was at the site with us and saw all of this 1st hand.

I’m seriously afraid that as the Realtors start trying to use the Bill as a warranty policy for people that don’t read OR don’t negotiate OR don’t take your recommendations - we’re gonna have this type of crap on a weekly basis. I also seriously believe that old guys like me won’t have patience to tap dance with these cretins and be inclined to tell them to go F-ck Off on a regular basis which will breed more complaints, etc!