New kind of fuse system

Must be some new technology as I am told the fuses will never burn out or need to be replaced.

Where can I purchase these things ?

Home Depot
In the plumbing section.

This crime scene has to be dusted for fingerprints, and the perpetrator has to be jailed :expressionless:

What happened to the pennies?

Amazingly this is a foreclosure and based on the rest suspect the Bank contractor did it.
They installed new microhood but did not bother to turn the fan into the vent,new range on top of garbage,removed showerheads,half azz winterization,etc.

You would need the bank roll.
Perhaps inside the Kitchen zinsco panel-1975 building condo unit.

Oh thats totally improper!
I always use a solid copper rod! :twisted:

Makes sense as you get a higher Gauge rating.

They do make solid fuse replacements which can be used if for some reason you want to disconnect the neutral or you had a fused disconnect but did need OC protection.