New Kingston Chapter

Just got another two more confirmed for the meeting, things are moving along Great, thanks to those that have already RSVP’d and hope all can make this a great event

This E-Mail is for William Devries

Strictly confidential:

Hi Will

I will be attending the first Chapter meeting on Dec. 8th,2007. Can you please add my name to the long list of attendees.

Thank You

Mario Kyriacou

P.S. Please do not make my name public. I’m a member of NACHI and do not want this information to get out. This could ruin my reputation with other Home Inspectors that belong to that other org.

Thanking you in advance for your discretion!:stuck_out_tongue:

Send me a cheque for $150. and I will make sure that your name is not released!!:mrgreen:

Done George!!

Consider it done, your on the list and I wont tell a soul that your coming down to the meeting and that a grand slam has been put aside with your name on it , I’m sure that you can rest easy that your secret is safe.

On a side note, glad to have you here and look forward to talking to you.
as for George I think he’s working on that early retirement plan, and if 150.00 is gonna get it going maybe we need to have him do a talk about that as well…


It is unfortunate that it can be swayed by some to do this to people, but if you would next time your having a chat with these " friends" remind them that there is a silver lining on the horizon, were here (NACHI) to help and promote the good of the Home Inspection Industry, good standards, good COE, and good training for all members and non members alike, it has to start somewhere, opening the door and offering. The Kingston chapter will be having training in the new year that I am currently working on for our members and non members can also benefit from.

These will be mentioned more at the meeting as to the classes that will be offered and interest that there is to bring them here.


On another note I would like to thank Bill Ferguson

Home-Tech Inspections Inc.

for joining the chapter and wanting to see the industry become a better place.

*Glad to have you onboard Bill see you at the meeting *



I’m looking forward to meeting you and all the members.

I was looking forward to my$150. but I guess that got blown out the window.:mrgreen: :wink:

Dream on George!!

$1.50 ??:frowning:


Allright you twisted my arm!