New kits in 50,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada recommend InterNACHI.

50,000 retail outlets direct consumers to InterNACHI inspectors. - InterNACHI

very nice

WOW!!! That’s major. Nice accomplishment.

Old news. Been there for years.

Nope. New kits have InterNACHI, old ones had IAC2.

Like there’s a difference. :roll:

These products gets mixed reviews due to the public’s misunderstanding about the process, what actually comes in the kit, total costs, and some instances of lack of customer service on the part of the lab doing analysis. On Amazon, more 1-star reviews than 5-star. Average 3-stars. Not exactly stellar. Hopefully what is being offered currently will be an improvement and reflect well on InterNACHI.

Are they from prolab or Internachi? How do they connect the inspectors to the kits.