New Laws for PA

In order to help improve the regulation of the home inspection industry, the State of Pennsylvania has established the Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Board to regulate home inspectors. The Governor signed a new bill giving licensed engineers and architects the authority to perform home inspections. The Association of Realtors said that both realtors and home buyers have had difficulties dealing with home inspectors who did not have the appropriate background and qualifications to determine the condition of a property. ***The previous law required home inspectors to be members in good standing of a home inspectors trade organization. Apparently, the former requirement was not satisfactory and the new law grants licensed engineers and architects the authority to perform home inspections. ***The realtors association expects that the new board will improve the professionalism in the home inspection business and will also improve the services provided to home buying consumers

What does this mean for Home inspectors in PA?? I still am on my first 100 to become a full member with an organization. I’m not understanding this, only licensed engineer and architects will be able to do inspections???

I hear Florida has a shortage of home inspectors.:stuck_out_tongue:

How old is this? Seems to me it’s been out for several years.


There is not a review board presently. Where did you obtain this information?

The official word is that PA is going to go to a state license system. The bill is the same that is in place in NJ. The sources that I have talked to say that there will be new guide lines set in place before the license could be obtained. The inspectors already in place would be grandfathered in, but it would only be the new inspectors that would have to pass the national test, a set number of class hours and shadowed inspections where the new inspector has to shadow a licensed one and pay for the instruction. This is only in the review stages of the bill though.

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Still confused, I can’t remember where I got this I’ll try to remeber and let you know.

I’m working on my first required 100 inspections (at 78) and when to AHIT for the week long schooling, took the national home inspector exam,certified by prolab in mold testing, certified energy tuneup inspector, working on getting wood destroying insect certification, taking a class in march on PSMA (septic systems), all NACHI’s tests, have general liability insurance, E&O and so on. What else is required by me by PA laws to be a qualified HI outside of being a full member of an assosiation (after I get my 100 inspections) ?

That is about it as far as the state is concerned, at least until some new form of licensing passes.

You may encounter the complience form at some inspections (get it from the PA Assoc of Realtors website) that you will be required to sign.