New legislation - PE's versus home inspectors (part 2)

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3](Poll Question 2) According to section 2 A. of the draft New York State Code of Ethics, inspectors must have a written contract with their client, which must state the following:

"Home inspectors are not permitted to make any statements or comments concerning the adequacy or soundness of the home, it structure or systems and are not permitted to provide engineering or architectural services."

Please take a minute to answer this 2nd poll - your opinion counts. The results of this poll will be given to the New York State Department of State for their consideration relative to license law.

This is a yes and no answer right off the bat. If PE’s maintain much higher fees for their services then some consumers will still go to a PE but many will use the HI because of their lower fees.

If PE’s set their fees at the prevailing rate that HI’s charge then yes. Why would I pay for an HI when I can get a PE for the same, or close to the same, price?