New legislation - PE's versus home inspectors

According to section 2 A. of the draft New York State Code of Ethics, inspectors must have a written contract with their client, which must state the following:

"Home inspectors are not permitted to make any statements or comments concerning the adequacy or soundness of the home, it structure or systems and are not permitted to provide engineering or architectural services."

Please take a minute to answer this poll - your opinion counts. The results of this poll will be given to the New York State Department of State for their consideration relative to license law.

The statement is piggy-backed. You can’t answer the question you might want to because of the attachment of the “not permitted to provide engineering or architectural services.”

What I mean by that is, someone may want to answer no, they do not agree with the first part of the statement, but then it makes it look like they are agreeing with the opposite of the second part of the statement, which is that home inspectors shouldn’t be allowed to provide engineering or architectural services, which is a no-brainer.

So the question appears to be a setup.

I do not agree with this:


I do agree with this:


If the state has already performed its job and identified what are considered engineering or architectural services then all they need is the end portion. As this statement is written it is an obvious attempt at either trying to directly control who can become an Inspector, i.e. only a licensed PE. Or it is setting the stage for a later rule, amendment, etc., to force Inspectors without a PE license out of the business.[/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT]

Right. So they make it impossible to answer the question.

Why would you have a pole that records the names of those who vote .

Because he’s turning it into the state and it wouldn’t do any good to not have names.