New License

Just a quick question for the Florida Inspectors. Are the Florida Inspectors going to raise the price of the inspections now that the state requires a license? Yes, No or maybe

Did inspectors in other states raise thier prices when a license was mandated? If so approximately how much? 10%, 20%, 30% etc.

The price usually goes down in the short term due to all the competition

I thought I would have to raise my prices, but I’ve already been losing out on inspections being underbid. The other day, I lost one, and found out he quoted $100 less than me.

Just how many Florida home inspectors are there? You guys seem to be all over this board

We just have a lot of spare time on our hands

Right now there are about 1600 known inspectors in the state. This does not count all the ones who do not belong to any associations. Licensing will make most of them visible.