New logo designed for Space Explorations

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Levi you seem kind of spaced out ?..LOL…just had to say it;)


That one is awesome.

“Going where no inspector has gone before”

When I first read the name of the company I thought, yuck and then literally 3 seconds later I thought, that’s a really good name. I wouldn’t say that about many companies, mine included but I do like this one.

I agree Dave, I had the same response: no…delay…then, yes.

If I saw him on the street I would have no idea what he had to offer and probably would simply pass him on by. You need to let people know what you do.

Billy is correct and that issue can be resolved with a tagline that includes the word “inspection” in it.

Even something simple like “San Diego’s Best Inspection Service” or whatever.

What a great brand to work with though. It’s already burned into my brain. I’d go find some inexpensive space-related, educational piece to give to children who show up at the inspection. Maybe a map of the solar system or something. Many real estate agents are parents or grandparents themselves and will want one.

We inspect you decide…

Here: $3.50 each. These would make a great hand-out on an inspection. Most clients and agents have kids or grand kids.

I just asked my wife what she thought of the name Space Exploration, first response “no, I don’t like it…wait a minute, I do like it”.