New Logo for Bux-Mont Home Inspection Services

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Very nice.

Out of couriousity who is the Bux-Mont logo for? I’m in Texas now but in high school in Pennsylvania the name of our league for football that was in Bucks County and Montgomery County was called Bux-Mont.

Patrick Thomson from Doylestown, PA.


Thanx Nick, that’s where I’m from Doylestown. That’s my roots. Now I just need to know if He went to Central Bucks West or East ?
**West is Best, East is Least. **
Nick, can you get him on here to verify? LOL

Thank you Aki for the great redesign of our logo. Looking forward to using it in our marketing materials to distinguish our company branding.

So Patrick, you’re not going to say whether you went to CB West or East? :smiley: