New logo for Full Loop Inspections

Another swell new logo. Logo design is a free service for all members.

Did he just use the word swell?

Golly Russ what’s wrong with swell?

Jeepers! I use it all the time.

Jeepers that logo is really swell!


You can use any word you like!!!:smiley: I love it! My Sheild has been removed and this logo now represents my company! Thank you!

That was a humdinger of a boss logo. That Levi is a groovy dude. Daddy O Nick got down with his jive and created a neat - o scene with this logo stuff. Lets hope people don’t bogart Levi and make him flip his lid and he doesn’t bug out.

Can you dig it?


It was a toss up between swell and nifty.

Peachy Keen.