New Logo for Maryland DC Home Inspection

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Awesome. What a nice logo!

Can’t get your spouse to make that one from home in WORD. LOL.

Including ex-spouses and other ex’s. :smiley:
Its wonderful.
Akiko and all of you are brilliant.

Thank you so much.

Wagar, add your new logo to your message board signature:

  1. Click on the Control Panel tab at the top left of the message board.
  2. Under Settings & Options click on Edit Signature.
  3. Scroll down to Upload Signature Picture.
  4. Clickon Browse and find your logo.
  5. Click on Upload.
  6. Scroll up to the **Signature: edit box **and put your cursor where you want your logo to appear in your signature .
  7. Scroll down and click on the Insert Signature Picture link.
  8. Click on Save Signature.

It looks wonderful. Thanks.

My former home…DMV! Love the logo!