New logo for Yellow Sea Home Inspection (request #330)

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InterNACHI’s Member Marketing Department has non-members rowing their boat with one oar… in the Dead Sea.

Very nice logo, but the name Yellow Sea??? My immediate first thought was Yellow River jokes.

Yellow Sea is the part of the China Sea that’s between Korea and northern China.

It would be great if a link to the corresponding website (if available) was posted with the associated Logo.

I’m familiar with the Yellow Sea and it’s location. I was merely making an observation that, at least for me, Yellow Sea brought back memories of the old jokes like “Hey, did you read that book titled Yellow River by I. P. Freely?” Maybe it’s just me, but then I still laugh at fart jokes…

Is there a ‘p’ in the ocean in Fort Pierce, FL?

Yellow Sea…been there…done that…liked it!!! Now that I’m back…great name and great logo.

Have to admit, I went there at first too. It’s not just you. Pull my finger:)

Shouldn’t yellow sea have yellow ?
The graphics department is going too far with nothing but the same muted colors all the time.

Beginning to all look the same guys.

Someone is color blind.