New logo Niagara Property Inspectors

Please help, looking for critical points of view. Working on design, which one should I take and improve? Thank you, Igor…:D:


It’s horrible Igor. Really horrible. Don’t take it personally.

Igor your website is a great ad for Recall Check but not good for your business.
Did they pay you for this marketing?

It was suppose to be on white background, but it turn black…Thank you, Igor

Please take a look at this one, I loaded wrong file…Thank you, Igor.
Is it still really bad?..

Looks better than the first one.

Thank you, I will try to find out what is missing…

RecallChek guys were at the Atlantic City Conference, and I was told that it was a good idea to give something to your customers for Free. No I did not get paid for RecallChek. They also offer 90 Day limited warranty, for $8 per customer. I am trying to market my company so I try all suggestions…
Thank you, Igor.

Igor it looks better in white and looks better than the thumbnail shot however it does not look professional which may be due to the balance of the yellow at bottom perhaps.

Just not a good vector drawing either as I can see your brush marks.
Still needs work.

Going black and white helps see past color.

Hi, thank you, I did that, and I had a different design beside.Igor

Looks a bit better.

Thanks, I will work on it…

Are you the guy who jumped off the Falls yesterday!?! w/o a barrel!:slight_smile:

No, I did not, but you gave me an idea? Maybe I should?..
There is a reason why I play with bright colors… And if you have a suggestion I am waiting…

Igor it is your company and it is what you like. Hell with the rest of them. I personally would put the falls in the picture somewhere, but that is just me.

I like it and it stands out, or you can go with one from here and blend in with the rest and entirely defeat the purpose of a logo.

1 or 3. I’d get the yellow out of the font at bottom. Like Russell said, you to include the Falls.

Thank you, I am asking for opinion because new people have a fresh look, I was working on colors and it started to look the same to me… I need to take a break. Igor.