New Logo...What do you think?

So what do you think?

IMO… doesn’t qualify as a traditional Logo with all the text. At most, logo text should only be the business name. Everything else gets added seperately.

PS… there is a contradiction… the cartoonish graphic with the word “Professional”.

Sorry… JMHO.

Sure enough a Critical Eye there…LOL thanks for the input.

Looks cute,though I see some real issues on those homes :).

The buildings don’t appear on the level :twisted:;-).

A little too cartoonish was my first impression. Just an opinion. :):wink:

I like it

This from the member who instigated threads such as… “Last one to reply…” :roll::roll::roll:

I agree with the posts above about using a cartoon/drawing along with the word “Professional” on the same logo and would recommend using a graphic that was a little more slick (or drop the word Professional off).

Not that it’s the end of the world, but a valid observation IMHO.

THE question though is what do you want to accomplish with that, or any, logo and did then one you showed us achieve your goal?

If the logo does what you want it to do (present the proper image you want to the public, make you $$$$ or whatever you wanted it to do) then it doesn’t matter if it’s cute, slick, ugly…along as it works as intended.

BTW, it is cute and well done as artwork goes.

Al in TN

Use something that you local clients can relate to. I used the Arch. Lot’s of literature out there about logo do’s and dont’s. Cartoon graphics is highly considered a don’t.

Thanks Billy and all. Since my home base is a city with the motto “Keep Austin Weird” I think it suits pretty well. Maybe not so much in another city or Yankee land though. I’ve noticed over the years that northern folk get real serious about how how things appear…
Thanks again,

Do other states have the same designations as Texas? Here we have “apprentice inspector” then “inspector” and then “professional inspector” and it’s my understanding that all advertising material reflect those designations.

Then if the shoe fits, and accomplishes your goals… :slight_smile:

Al (trying hard to Un-Yankee myself, lol) in TN

[edit] George, to answer your other question - In CT there is an Intern style inspector designation, with a different License prefix, then after a “real” inspector attends your first 10 inspections with you, and signs off on your next 90 inspection reports you can then get the full-on Inspector License.

I had someone up there lined up to help me through the process before deciding to move to TN in January (where all you have to do is take a course and pass a test) for wifeypoo’s health reasons.

I dis agree on the cartoon thing as many big names use them for logos.

The only thing you need to know about rules ,is to break them when it comes to art and design.

Care to name 3 (three) ???

At the moment, I cannot think of a single 1 (one).

And that is what it is all about… Brand recognition!!! You should be able to tell who the company is by the Logo… without text spelling it out. (Few exceptions).

Jeff that is so dumb I am not replying.
Go do a Google image search.

Nope… you made a statement, back it up, as I did!

Don’t need the images, just give us NAMES! (Or can’t you, without Google)?:p:p

And you moved to MOLD capital of the USA ? Not to mention the pollution .
BTW good luck

Nope… none here…

None here either…