new logo

comments on new logo. I tried to keep it simple

Company Logo.png

I’m not sure what it is…don’t see those up here. Does it have meaning to your business?

Best wishes.

it is an iguana we have them all over the place down here.

Now that you mention it, I have seen one of those before. :smiley: Clean lines.

Where is the association between you and an iguana? Does the iguana do the inspection, write it up, do crawlspaces, small attics? Logos should give the person a small idea of your company and what it does. It does look nice, but I can’t connect iguanas and home inspections, no matter how much I think about it. Just my opinion, I don’t know your area so it may mean more to the people in Florida and home inspections. Good luck!

What is the iguana doing?


Keeping the RE agent at distance… :stuck_out_tongue:

The iguana looks scared to me. Is it supposed to be that way? Other then that, looks good.

Actually the funny thing is I find these animals in crawl spaces and attics.

I heard the cold snap had those guys falling out of trees, be careful on the roofs!!

Remind me not to move to Florida and open a home inspection company if I get to meet these guys in crawlspaces and attics. I’ll take what’s given me in Northern Illinois, thank you.

I would ten times rather run into these guys instead of the pythons, scorpions and black widows.

Logo looks good, how about a tagline like; “We go every where the Iguana goes!” How about one of these, the house was full of them! Hobo Spiders make good food for lizards, I would like to have them in my crawl space. Lizards that is.

3069 Hwy 138 North Monroe, Ga. 30656 014.jpg

3069 Hwy 138 North Monroe, Ga. 30656 014.jpg

I think the font needs to be changed. It is hard to read. I know the picture is small in the example but if I was driving by your truck or car I dont think I could read it. Lizard or no lizard I would still need to know what it is your promoting. Just my two cents.

Good luck

I like that or “We follow IGGIE he knows the way”