New Marketing Brochures Now Available

There are essentially two ways to boost your inspection business with Home Energy Inspections:

  1. Include a Home Energy Inspection with every home inspection. By adding this incredible value to your home inspection service, you gain a competitive advantage over your competition and provide a means to increase your fee.
  2. Offer to perform Home Energy Inspections as an ancillary/stand-alone service and charge a fee.

Either way, you have to add the web seal (below) to your website’s homepage, and you need professional brochures.
Brochure 1: “While I’m here…” (PDF) Brochure 2: “Contact me to schedule…” (PDF)

You can download the PDF brochures and print them yourself, or order customized brochures from InterNACHI Design & Print Services, which is an excellent business decision.

After you place your order, a member of InterNACHI’s Inspector Marketing Department will contact you to help you with your custom design of any brochure or logo that you want for your business.
Seal/Logo: “Included With Every Inspection” Seal/Logo: “Certified Home Energy Inspector”
Inspectors can add to their website the following consumer-targeted information about Home Energy Inspections:

I would get rid of the spiral as in a few years LED’s will take over from those poison filled CFL units being forced on us right now.

LEDs are really nice.

How long does it take you to generate a Home Energy Report?

We have a new 1-minute marketing video for inspectors to embed on their homepage at

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