New Marketing Idea For Nick

OK Boys i have reached the Wonderful years of No A… syndrome today i was in a attic creeping along got to the exit stood up pants went down ( i had to suck the old gut in to move around ) Unfortunately the client was with me . Well we had a good laugh and moved on . My idea is Nachi suspenders for us old no (i) inspectors . What are you views i Know you are out there! :shock:
Next idea will be the hair ear trimmers
I was thinking of adding table dancing next

Was your client a man or a woman?

If your pants fell off and a woman starts laughing, you may have other issues to deal with…:slight_smile:


I knew that was coming! It was a man .

Some of us may need a pair like this.

** Red Neck Suspenders**

LOL thats my brother ( just kidding)

Only a guy from WI could come up with that one:)