New Marketing Idea

With people out there having no problem using a company name like yours or close to it. You need to take charge. I found these Key tags and thought what better way to keep your name out there 24-7. I give these at every new home inspection I complete. It not only helps get my name out there but it also provide a public service to the clients. On the back it has a place the person can write in the emergency phone number in case of a emergency, and they can also write their cell number in case they loose their keys. If any of you might be interested in this type of marketing, get a hold of me.

Besure Home Inspection Key tag.jpg

Are you still selling bed bug detectors Mark?

Yes I am :wink: They are slowly making there way across the US and Canada. When are you going to by one? Bed Bugs are making their appearence in your area…

Never heard a single client mention the term Bed Bug yet.

Hey Bob,
Not yet? Check out the Chicago Report
Bed Bug Reports for Chicago - Bed Bug Registry - Similar
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Chicago. Chicago has 485 bed bug reports. See recent reports for Chicago. Click on any point in the map to see a neighborhood map, or use one of the search

Found 76 hotels in Chicago with bedbugs: :mrgreen:](

Not even one house or condo on that list.
All are from the same area of low income rentals in a small concentrated area.
These are complaining tenants that may be fabricating, so the source is not reliable.
Take a good look at that map.I suspect it is bogus.:wink:

Thanks for the map though as it can be used to prove detection is a waste of money in the Chicago area for home buyers at this point in time.

Seems all the reports are high rise with high percentage of immigrants and some hotels with reports.