New Maryland Inspector

Hello all,

I am new to the forum so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jared; I just received my Maryland Home Inspector License. I am in the process of getting my WV license as well.

I have operated a small construction company for the last 14 years and thought there would be a good opportunity for another inspector in my area; I hope that proves to be the case.

I am in the process of getting everything in order to start conducting business, like website, cards, vehicle lettering, insurance, corporate structure, brochures, marketing materials, banking, logo, inspection software, etc.

I am certainly open to any advice for a new inspector; Thank you all!

Welcome, Jared!

EPA radon zone map of WV

EPA radon map of MD

Be aware that PA, should you decide to go there for inspections, has no license BUT radon certification is a requirement there. Also, Cumberland, just like BALTO, is a lead-paint/asbestos epicenter… Good luck.

Thanks, Cumberland’s housing stock is predominately old. That’s one thing I’m not particularly looking forward to. Allegany County will be my initial target market; though I am planning on expanding into Washington County after getting some experience under my belt.