New member but no log in yet.

Hello Nick, My son Chris is joining the firm as a full time inspector now. He took the exam (0000401666} and he purchased HIP with mobile so he should have had his temp status changed to member but it has not happened yet. It has been a couple of weeks and despite email to fastreply from him he has not heard back. I just now tried to log in in member only for him and no luck. I will have to redo my marketing to reflect two inspectors and I would like to add his InterNACHI number to mine and spring is coming. Can you help please.

contact Nick here"

Make sure he sends it to —>>> <<<— NOT OR OR any other myriad of possibilties!

Bruce, as for your son Chris… he has never joined InterNACHI. I checked archives going back many years. Furthermore, had he joined, purchasing Home Inspector Pro would not change his status to a member. Only fulfilling his membership requirements can do that.

As for his email, it is impossible for to go unanswered. I answer that email account and I’ve answered every email, every day, flawlessly, for nearly 20 years including on each Christmas, business trips out of the country, last year’s InspectorBoost Tour, after a bad motorcycle accident, and during (yes during) two back surgeries. I’m hoping a few members will vouch for me here. Always worked for me … Roy

Yes I will vouch the same as Roy.

Nick has also responded to any of my questions or request within the hour. :slight_smile:

Yes but you are his class Pet.:mrgreen:

I have asked a few questions and always got a reply within the hour. I even emailed at 11 one night and he emailed back within minutes with an answer.

I think we can all back it up he even answers ME!! … Bottom line is that a log in is needed and I’m sure it’s an easy fix.

Internachi is a great community and he’s going to love it!

All my questions got a response…sometimes not what I want to hear…LOL :wink:

I joined on Christmas eve 2011 and Nick helped me through Christmas to get all set up

Don’t you have any better things to do on Christmas eve?:mrgreen:

I’m young. I figure i can enjoy Christmas Eve in a few years :wink:

Better than helping Juan? Uh, no.

Glad to here that is being enforced.

Thank you Nick and all for the reply and comments. I have never had any difficulty with myself and I have used it before which is why I told him to send an email there. He may have got the address wrong I don,t know. I could have put it better in the original post He did fulfill the membership requirements with the free username by taking the test, then doing the two required courses ethics and standards of practice, He has been completing home inspections with me for some time and his name is on them as the second inspector. He then got HIP which includes the one year membership with the program purchase I assumed that HIP would have entered the membership information with InterNACHI automatically. I think this is just a miscommunication is all. Thank you again all.

Always answered within the hour and on some occassions a phone call from Liza. Great organization, well run and great educational materials. The best!
Thanks to all.

Bruce, It looks like we got Chris all fixed up.