New member first cource

just checking in to see how everyone is doing. can anyone tell me is this is a good job anyone can start

I’d have to say no.

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Hello Tony,

We are not spelling or grammar police. But, being mindful of your words will be an ongoing requirement. Good luck with your courses and welcome.

IMO, this is NOT a job, but a longterm career, that will require you to basically ‘have no life’ for the first few years, require you to reinvest any revenue you may earn back into your business to grow it, and with a low percentage of surviving those first years.

Question: Can you and your family live on virtually no Net income for the next year or two or three?
Question: What is your experience with running a business, any business?
Question: What is your experience with the Home building/renovation/repair industry?

Yes, there are many benefits to operating in this industry, but for most new inspectors, it takes a while to build your business to get there, and most never do. This industry is not the ‘get rich quick’ scheme that many “schools” like to sell their snake-oil with to get your $$$$.

If you decide to ‘go-for-it’, I recommend two first steps…

  1. Take a Business 101-102 course at your local Community College to get the basic skills you will need to own and operate your business,
  2. Join Internachi and dive in to every course they offer. Read through this MB and absorb all that you can, including the differing viewpoints most contain.
    Good luck!