New member from Knoxville, TN

I look forward to learning from many of you! Thank you in advance for what seems to be a tight knit community.


Welcome Darren!

Help us out by going to the Control Panel button (above left) and edit your Profile to include your location. This will help us answer any questions you may have more precisely to your area as many situations are very regional.

A tip (before some come in here with warnings about those that don’t have the same opinions as themselves)… most of the veteran inspector members here are passionate about our work, and this industry. Yes some of us are opinionated and a bit brusk, but work your way through the banter and don’t take it personally. There is way more to learn here than you can possibly imagine, if you can just keep an open mind. When asking questions, give us as much information as you have, up front, so we aren’t wasting our time asking questions to get more information to be able to try and help you!

Also, remember to have FUN! Contrary to what some of the newbies around here think… nobody here owes you anything. You’ll see what I mean.

Good luck to you!