New Member in South Carolina

Hello All,

I am just getting started and I must say all the information I have read on the forum here has been such a help.

Is there anyone here in or close to Myrtle Beach SC? If so, would anyone be willing to let me join them on a few inspections?
What I am learning here is great but, I am going to need field experience as well.

I do not mind traveling a few hours to get the needed help. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to give me a shot?

Thanks much,

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Good luck and keep around here. With thick enough skin you can learn a lot. What is your previous experience?

Thanks Michael!

I know it won’t be easy but, I don’t give up easily.

I am a huge car buff and started out working and restoring older model Mustangs. Other than that I’ve been in the corporate world and, that needs to change.
My husband runs a small contractor business and I help him on many jobs. So, I feel in time I will learn this industry. Will take years I know. Have to start somewhere, right!

Thanks for the post!

Yup, ya got to start somewhere or you go nowhere :slight_smile: Good Luck.