new member questions

Is there somewhere that explains how to use this. The definition of threads. I posted today and noticed an EDIT icon in mine and did not see them elsewhere, or do I just have to click on stuff and see what happens. I’m an older guy and relatively new to this type of thing.
Thanks Dennis Marchesano
What are tags and trackbacks, etc.
I am assuming what I have just done is post a thread. Where did that name come from? How is it different from posting a message or question?


There’s no tutorial that I know of. So try clicking on things. There’s not much that will hurt you. :wink:

You will only see the edit button on your own posts (and then only for a limited time.) That allows you to change or edit what you posted.

For example, I accidentally hit the “post quick reply” button after my first paragraph, and then went back in to add these bottom two.

Hope that helps.

Welcome Dennis
best way is like Mark said…just keep trying things out and see what happens…when You have a specific question ask it… a lot of helpful guys here …jim

Hey Dennis… welcome.

Just try stuff like others have said…there is no “blow-up” button…well except when Bushart sees something he don’t agree with. :slight_smile:


Actually here’s a tutorial that may be of benefit to new posters: Message Bd Tutorial . Click on the “Overview”.

What you just did is a “post” or “message” - same thing.
Your post plus everyones replies constitue a “thread”.

Well, thanks to everyone. I appreciate your help. Dennis A. Marchesano

Michael, Thanks alot. The tutorial was very helpfull. It may help alot of members who may not have known it was there as well. Dennis A. Marchesano

I didn’t know it was there. Thanks Michael. Everything gets buried it seems.