New Member-Roof Heaters


What is the process for inspecting roof heaters in the cable form as sold by


They aren’t permanent fixtures. It’s unlikely that I would ever see them in CA, but I wouldn’t be inclined to report on them.

Report on energy source.
Check out electric supply hookup.

I am guessing you are referring to the type that heats gutters or pipes.

as Jeff said Tyran …they are just an accessory and not really an inspected item, if you unplug it, it does not exist…

Bob is right for only checking the outlet and power source. Unless there is snow on the roof, you can’t really tell if its working or not. The only other way to tell is to put a amprobe on the wire coming out of the breaker. The best type and installation of a roof deicer system is to run a dedicated circuit from the panel to a single outlet mounted high under the eave in a bubble cover. The outlet will be protected by a GFI breaker in the panel. The device / cable that plugs into the outlet is a sensor that senses temperature and wettness. So if its below a certain temperature and there is no snow it won’t come on and if theres snow and its above a certain temperature it won’t come on. The problem with these is that if there is one nick in the wire from a squirrel or branches or any type of debris. it won’t work anymore. Rick